Tea Princess Chronicles is now at retailers everywhere! The main trilogy, beginning with A Coup of Tea, is available in both ebook and paperback wherever books are sold.

There are also two bonus ebooks associated with the trilogy. The first is the FREE short story collection, which can be read without prior knowledge of the series but contains Easter eggs for those who have.

Cover of TALES FROM A MAGICAL TEASHOP: Stories of the Tea Princess Chronicles by Casey Blair featuring baby dragon in a teacup.

And last but not least, here’s the one thing that will be new for everyone here: the post-trilogy novelette! This was previously only available to my Patreon subscribers, and then later my Kickstarter backers. But now this is available for everyone!

Cover of "Saiyana's Challenge" by Casey Blair: A Story of the Tea Princess Chronicles featuring decorative font, border, and magical teapot.

Thanks so much to everyone who has read, enjoyed, and spread the word about these stories. Happy reading!