"Take a Chance on Tea": A Tea Princess Chronicles short story by Casey Blair. Shimmering green magical teapot in background.


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“Take a Chance on Tea” can be enjoyed by new Tea Princess Chronicles readers as well, featuring a little bit of everyone’s favorite parts:

  • magic tea
  • baby dragons
  • found family
  • making the world better, one cup of tea at a time

Plus a bonus magic flamethrower, because it’s always an adventure at the teashop!

And don’t miss more bonus scenes set in the Sundered Realms, Tea Princess Chronicles and Sorceress Transcendent worlds! 

Fantasy Author

Casey Blair

Casey Blair is a bestselling author of adventurous, feel-good fantasy novels with ambitious heroines and plenty of banter, including the ongoing adult epic fantasy romance Sundered Realms series and the completed cozy fantasy series Tea Princess Chronicles. Her own adventures have included teaching English in rural Japan, taking a train to Tibet, rappelling down waterfalls in Costa Rica, and practicing capoeira. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest and can be found dancing spontaneously, exploring forests around the world, or trapped under a cat.

For more information visit her website caseyblair.com or follow her on Instagram @CaseyLBlair.

Casey Blair - Headshot

Latest Book Release

THE SORCERESS TRANSCENDENT by Casey Blair. Cover features purple magic swirling around woman with wild black hair facing away from viewer toward desolate landscape surrounded by thorny vines.

“If you expect me to choose between kisses and magic, I refuse.”

In a world magically sundered into different pocket dimensions connected to each other by portals, an interdimensional spy must join forces with the most dangerous spellcaster in all the realms to stop demons from eating the worlds.

The Sundered Realms is equal parts action-packed epic fantasy and steamy romance with slow burn unlikely allies to lovers between an ambitious AF fmc and an icy bad*ss mmc doing everything in his power to help her achieve her dreams, deep character work, epic combat magic, laugh-out-loud banter, and found family going hard to change the world.

Available now in ebook (KU), paperback, and hardcover (with separate dust jacket and hardcase designs). 

Ebook, paperback, and case laminate mockups of THE SUNDERED REALMS, with quote: "Time to dream bigger than anyone else could imagine and brighter besides."

read a complete cozy fantasy trilogy

Cover of A COUP OF TEA (Tea Princess Chronicles Book 1) by Casey Blair, featuring purple teapot with magical blue swirls in front of cozy fireplace.

A Coup of Tea

Tea Princess Chronicles Book 1.

Cover of TEA SET AND MATCH (Tea Princess Chronicles Book 2) by Casey Blair, featuring green teapot with green swirls of magic.


Tea Princess Chronicles Book 2.

Cover of ROYAL TEA SERVICE (Tea Princess Chronicles Book 3) by Casey Blair, featuring blue teapot with golden swirls of magic in front of backdrop with art of dragon figures.


Tea Princess Chronicles Book 3.

Praise for A Coup of Tea

This book is like a warm hug! I loved it and couldn’t read it fast enough! There’s everything you could want from a fantasy – princesses, found family, a community in need, a love interest and witches to name a few! All of the characters are masterfully composed and fully formed, I felt like they always existed and were just waiting for me to arrive.

The message of the book is great as well – be yourself and take up space!

Dee Hancocks (Goodreads and NetGalley reviewer)

A Coup of Tea by Casey Blair is perfect for lovers of cozy fantasy looking for female centered stories with a unique perspective on magic and power.

Jenna Deaton (Goodreads reviewer)

WOW, this book is way more than a cup of tea! You start thinking it’s just the story of a runaway princess who needs to learn how to survive in the real world hidden from her family, but it’s only the surface of the book. You find a conspiracy, magic, injustice towards a nation that wants the same privilege as everyone, and a cute little love story…Recommend reading this book with a good cup of tea.

Sabrina (Goodreads reviewer)

An excellent, uplifting story full of enjoyment… I find it uplifting, amusing, and thought-provoking. I will be re-reading this many more times in the future, as I find more enjoyment every time I do. As I have been reading F&SF for over 50 years, this says a lot!

Pat DeLang (Amazon reviewer)

This book was like sipping a wonderful cup of tea. The world felt rich and the characters gave well-rounded flavor to the story. I can’t wait for the next book!

Morgan S (NetGalley reviewer)

Casey Blair is a new author for me but I’ll definitely check out any book that has her name on from now on, her writing and the flow of her story telling is beautiful….The characters we meet along this journey are fully fleshed out and I never questioned their responses and emotions to the situations they were placed in, the realness of the characters made me fall in love with Miyara’s community, this realness is also present in the world, environment and magic system which made it so easy to just become lost in the pages. …I cant wait to spend more time with Miyara and her world and will be recommending to all I know. 

Abby (Goodreads reviewer)

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