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Casey Blair - Headshot

Photo by Mariah Bush, 2013.

Press Kit Bio

Casey Blair is a bestselling author of adventurous, feel-good fantasy novels with ambitious heroines and plenty of banter, including the completed cozy fantasy series Tea Princess Chronicles, the fantasy romance novella The Sorceress Transcendent, and the action anime-style novella Consider the Dust. Her own adventures have included teaching English in rural Japan, taking a train to Tibet, rappelling down waterfalls in Costa Rica, and practicing capoeira. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest and can be found dancing spontaneously, exploring forests around the world, or trapped under a cat.

For more information visit her website or follow her on Twitter or Instagram @CaseyLBlair.


For inquiries into foreign rights and TV/film rights for Tea Princess Chronicles, please contact Meow Literary Agency.

For all other questions, reach out to the author directly at


Longer Introduction

My name is Casey, and I write fantasy novels about powerful women going on magical adventures full of witty banter. Whether it features wielding magic swords in space, flying headlong into sorcerous storms, or dancing with dragons, all my fiction is fundamentally hopeful character-driven stories aimed at being fun and empowering.

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I never stop moving, and I mean that both in the figurative sense of pushing myself and also somewhat more literally. I fled the excessive sunlight in California years ago for Vassar in New York, and since college I’ve lived for a couple of years in the rice fields in Japan and relocated to the Pacific Northwest. But you can expect to find me:

  • Writing or reading a book. Check out the Books page for what I’ve written that’s out in the world! If you’re curious about my taste in stories or looking for book recommendations, these are some of my current favorite speculative fiction reads.
  • Dancing and practicing capoeira. I’m still pretty new to capoeira but loving immersing myself in training more and more.
  • Wandering and adventuring. Two favorite trips: canyoning in Costa Rica and taking a train to Tibet.
  • Trapped under a cat. Any cat, really, but my resident floof overlords have this bullet point exceedingly well covered.
  • Excitedly learning about… basically everything. I am Very Here for obscure and enthusiastic geekery. If we meet, I’d love to hear what you’re interested in, no matter how niche!

Outside of writing stories, I have worked at an entertaining array of jobs. You can find out more about my SFF conference and programming work on the Events page, and this is the website for my current day job persona as a virtual assistant.

You can reach me via: