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AMA (ask-me-anything) on r/CozyFantasy (2023). 



Upcoming podcast appearance on Bohemiana (2023). 

Panelist on “Fantasy Feasts” for 4th Street Fantasy’s special edition of panel-style podcasts (2020).


Interview on The Sorceress Transcendent (2023).  

Exclusive Interview as Sirens Workshop Instructor (2020).


“Women Are Already Powerful: The Problem of Privileging Masculine Modes of Power in Fantasy” (Sirens, 2019).

  • Video recording for Sirens 2020 available here.

“Making Society Uncomfortable: Why Monsters Matter” in Sirens: Collected Papers 2009–2011.

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In Person Appearances

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Norwthwest Speculative ​Reading Series

Saturday, September 16, 2023, 4-5pm.

Browsers Bookshop will be hosting me for a the inaugural meeting of the Northwest Speculative reading series, along with Django Wexler! I’ll be reading from Tea Princess Chronicles, and we’ll take questions, chat, and have a great time. If you’re in the Olympia, WA neighborhood, stop by!  

Browsers Bookshop logo.

​Signing at Southcenter Barnes & Noble

Saturday, May 27, 2023, 1-3pm.

The Southcenter Barnes & Noble will be hosting me for my first ever in-person Tea Princess Chronicles book signing! This will be a pretty informal event, so if you’re in the neighborhood stop by to say hello. Barnes & Noble has ordered a LOT of copies for me to sign, so I’ll be there with my trusty dragon stamp and stickers! If you already have copies you’d like signed, feel free to bring them in. 

Signed bookplate of mischievous baby dragon in a teapot.


I love participating in programming at conventions! The two I have historically been most involved in are, first, Sirens, a conference dedicated to celebrating the women, trans, and nonbinary people of fantasy literature and lifting up diverse voices, where I have given papers and been a workshop instructor, panelist/roundtable leader, and bookstore assistant.  

I also participated in panels at 4th Street Fantasy, a convention focused on craft and exploring the boundaries of fantasy storytelling in all its forms and delving past 101-level conversations, and ran programming 2018-2023. 

If you would like me to  make an appearance at a particular convention, please contact me at

Zoom grid of Django Wexler, Fonda Lee, Casey Blair, Aimee Kuzenski, Valerie Valdes, and Henry Lien.

I can’t find any pictures right now of panels I’m actually ON, but here’s me in programming coordinator capacity launching a virtual panel called The Choreography of Awe: Evoking Wonder in Prose Battle Scenes. You can listen on YouTube!


Aside from publishing, I’ve been involved in the book and speculative fiction worlds in multiple ways. I’ve spent time as a book reviewer and more recently worked as an indie bookseller, where among wearing many other hats I put together and ran events like a panel on reclaiming history with a fantastic group of romance writers that got a write-up in the newspaper. Most recently, I moderated an event with Randall Munroe and Sarah Andersen at Powell’s!

Panel at Brick & Mortar Books; image from newspaper article.

Left to right: Lauren Dane, Olivia Waite, Somaiya Daud, Jasmine Silvera, A.J. Hackwith, and Casey Blair.