The second half of this year has been full of things (hooray things!), so I have more to post but just a quick announcement for now: 

Just in time for the holidays, my epic fantasy novella Consider the Dust is now enrolled in Kindle Unlimited!

That means if you haven’t already picked it up, you can read it for FREE with an Amazon account. 

Take care and happy reading!

Book cover, Amazon button, and pitch: Armed with magical blades, two rivals storm the celestial palace together to overthrow the omnipotent empress.

About Consider the Dust

In a world where a select few obtain godlike combat powers, one woman is going to shatter the universe.

The empress of the celestial palace has been omnipotent for centuries, but Kiran has a mysterious magic weapon and a plan to overthrow her, today—or so she claims.

Mai has her own magic blade, doesn’t trust Kiran as deeply as she can stab her with it, and is very, very good at stabbing. Not even Kiran can hope to stand against her anymore—or so she thinks.

Two lifelong rivals, or best friends. Definitely one of those.

One chance to change everything, or lose everything, forever.

Consider the Dust is a stand-alone novella and an epic adventure about the power of legends, hope, and fighting for your beliefs with everything you have.